Looking to launch a new digital solution internally? Product adoption does not end with email announcements or even onboarding new software. This is unlikely to convince management to (re)invest, maximising product longevity you hope to achieve!

Here are five actionable tips to gain a critical mass of users, imperative for successful legal-tech adoption.

  • Communicate Value-Proposition early on: relaying the ROI incentivises buy-in by clearly explaining what problem the software solves for individuals, teams and the overall company. Try to 'buddy-up' legal teams with cross-departmental needs to evidence business-critical pain points, alleviated by utilising technology to grow profitability. 
  • UX Design of the product is key: when choosing a digital solution, a crucial, yet often overlooked consideration when delving into the functionality of a product is the average user's experience. If the tool is intuitively easy to use, adoption will follow. Internal Stakeholders will engage with a product that makes day-to-day tasks easier, saving time. 
  • Source Product Evangelists: find change-agents who promote solutions and advertise launches within relevant business functions. Harnessing Intrapreneurs will help to foster peer growth mindsets conducive to embracing change, provide training as early adopters, and utilise their leadership roles to articulate the WHY to management.
  • Proactively seek user feedback: only by continuously talking to users can inputs on challenges in-house teams face be overcome. Setting up a system and/or multiple ways of capturing constructive feedback is vital to make the product iteratively better!
  • Measure success periodically: taking a data-driven approach can validate business case KPIs by tracking success; whether predicted benefits (cost-savings, process efficiencies, risk management etc) are being or have been delivered! This will enable legal teams to know what is/is not working, unlocking insights that can drive better performance.

To execute all of the above, collaboration is vital. By sharing learnings and building employee incentives, you will transcend cultural barriers such as resistance to change or the fear of failure!