This is a fantastic project! It is great to see legal tech moving towards a client focused product development process that does not just prioritise the firms.

Spending time with in-house counsel prior to product development is fundamental to understanding the real essence of a problem. Only once you understand that pain can you aim to alleviate it.

Testing and talking makes a huge difference. Reaching out to potential customers and having them test a tool gives developers the opportunity to hear in real time how the market will actually use it!

Once you have a viable product and released it, feedback is still important, responding to that feedback critical. The way to reach best in class is to make the changes your customers want to see. They are at the coal face, logging in and using the tool in the real world. They are now your most valuable resource, make the changes and keep them happy.

There are some great learnings in this article. I strongly recommend taking five minutes to read it.

If anybody is interested in talking about potential product development, problems they have or inefficiencies they are wishing away please do get in touch. We would love to talk!