Joining a new team can always feel a bit nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time but when it's over video chat and email, how do you go about forming new relationships with everyone in the team? One word, zoom…or webex, or skype. Finding your place and establishing yourself in a new team is important, and it definitely becomes a challenge when it's all to be done online. This was something I would need to overcome and learn to navigate while getting to know my new team and how they worked together.


Hi, my name is Namrata and I'm the newest team member to join CCAS and probably the first to be onboarded virtually! It was around the third week into lockdown when I joined. The week before I had been sent my induction programme setting out my first few days and I had even been sent a laptop.

Skipping the usual first week IT-related issues, Zoom and MS Teams were my go-to systems. These systems would be my bread and butter for the foreseeable future and the only way I could keep in touch with my new team. My first week involved meeting my buddy, getting in touch with my new manager, and being introduced to the entire CCAS team in our weekly Tuesday team meetings. One of my first tasks was to set up 15-30-minute conversations with each member of team. This gave me the chance to learn more about everyone's roles and what they had done before joining CCAS. I even found out I'm neighbours with some of my new colleagues!

Settling in virtually

I did not know what to expect when I joined but it has now been 6 weeks and I am slowly finding my feet. The several WFHChallenges, Tuesday themed meetings, and Happy Hours have definitely given me a confidence boost. I feel I am able to navigate my way through the team and to settle into my role. It's not all fun and games but the team certainly finds a balance, keeping the work interesting, as well as keeping up morale during the pandemic. I've already tackled some good work and have even been involved on other projects. I believe that it has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the cycle of how products are created, from inception until their final form. I look forward to being part of the successes (and "failures") of the CCAS family.

The highlight so far has been the Tuesday team meetings. It has been entertaining to see how creative everyone has been with the different themes – my favourite has to be the Superhero theme! I think our CEO won with his full Batman suit.