The social team at Clifford Chance Applied Solutions have found themselves very busy since the world went into lockdown. Although we are already a team used to remote working due to being spread across the world, we do usually get some human interaction in the office at least a few times a week. We quickly realised the importance of keeping morale up during these often lonely times and decided to split ourselves up into three teams with a daily challenge, as well as a virtual happy hour every Thursday evening with a game! 

As the world has become more and more used to using video conferencing and appreciating the small things more (a rainbow even during these dark times), we thought we'd share some of these ideas so other teams can replicate within their own companies. 

Tuesday Team Theme

Every Tuesday the full team gathers for a catch up meeting of our weeks. The social team have introduced Tuesday Team Theme – which involves dressing up. So far we have completed a superhero, sports, important meeting and Kings Day themed video call. This activity gives everyone the excuse to be a bit silly and get dressed up. It does really lift the mood seeing your colleague dressed in ski gear whilst in their home office.

Happy Hour!

Who doesn’t love a happy hour? (Even if it's in your own house with cocktails you've attempted to make yourself, it gives you an excuse to avoid home schooling for another hour)! During our Happy Hours we have run pub quizzes, dingbats, Pictionary (using zoom's whiteboard function) and a scavenger hunt. It's been a great way to get to know our colleagues in a less formal way and honestly I never realised how competitive we all are.

You suddenly see each other in a new light when you're running around your house attempting to find a hairbrush during a Happy Hour scavenger hunt and pushing your own children out of the way!

Through the Keyhole

We have also introduced ways for the team to get to know each other better by sending in one picture of an item from their house, with others having to guess whose house it has come from. We've had all sorts of items from helicopters, to teddy bears and paintings.

Overall, getting to know the team across the world better has definitely been a silver lining throughout these often uncertain times. I've seen their family photos, baby pictures and favourite holiday destinations – the things that you often don't have the time for in an office environment. I can honestly say that I know each one of my colleagues better now than I did at the start of lockdown. I'd love to hear about what you've been doing with your teams virtually to keep your spirits up?