One of the most important (and often underestimated) aspects of on-boarding a legal technology solution like document automation in any organisation is convincing internal stakeholders to say YES!

Here are five tips to help you build your business case to convince those stakeholders:

1. Know your audience – ask yourself the question: who am I writing this for? It makes a massive difference if you are writing to convince the procurement team, your boss or the IT security team. You may also want to consider the format to present your ideas, for example the boss may want to know more high level advantages like return on investment and longer term benefits, so including graphs and visuals would be a good way to go. Whereas a procurement team would want to know more around the technical and security aspects so include more information on the product specifications.

2. Now vs New – start with how the process currently is (the now) and how the process will look like with the document automation solution implemented (the new). Taking your reader on this journey will help them convince themselves! It will also help set the right scene, i.e. a reader will not judge the solution in isolation, it will judge it having the relevant context.

3. Identify KPIs – what will be the key performance indicators that will convince your reader? Identifying these at the start and being able to report on these on a recurring basis helps reassure the reader that if they give the green light, they are kept up to date of the results of their decision.

4. Emphasise all benefits – document automation is not just about being more efficient and saving cost. Benefits also include (i) increase of consistency, (ii) empowering business users to create legal documentation, (iii) the ability to capture data points for reporting, (iv) streamlining collaboration across different teams and (v) making jobs more fun (and more). Don't forget to include the benefits that will resonate best with your reader.

5. Dot on the horizon – focus on the longer term as well. Often it is easy to focus on the short term and what you can see, however, we also advise to spend time (and words) on setting a target for the future. At the start of implementing a document automation solution there is a lot of focus on all stakeholders involved, this focus will decrease over time. With a paragraph on the long term, this will give you quick and easy placeholder to retain the focus from your stakeholders again!


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