As part of our Ask The Experts webinar series I recently spoke through the basics of document automation with Yasmin Kang. We structured this first session into four categories: What is document automation? When is it best used? A summary of benefits and the process from scoping out the technology, through to identifying which templates suitable for automation, and finally rolling this out to business users. 

Watch a recording of the webinar 

 Question and Answer section

We had over 100 registrants for this webinar, so for the final 10 minutes we answered some of their questions, below are the top three we received. 

Q1) Is it possible to see how my documents would look automated? 

Yes. We can show exactly how it would look for you and the end users. We can show the key functions of the tool including the workflow and the sign-off process. We think this is an important part of the process and can help you envision your life post automation. 

Q2) My team is currently experiencing a spending freeze, when is the best time to get in contact? 

All automation projects take time. An important early stage of the scoping element is establishing and working to a timeline. Most enterprising document automation projects will take us out the other side of a spending freeze so there is no harm in starting immediately. The time it can take is demonstrated through our series of articles How to Automate Documents.

Q3) I don’t have templates yet, can I look at document automation? 

Yes, we have that expertise. Our team has legal understanding and experience to assist here. A lot of the companies we have worked with have found this useful and insightful. Getting your project underway is a collaborative effort and we have the team, legal knowledge, project management and the technical capability to make it work. 

Watch a recording of the webinar 

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