I spent last Monday and Tuesday at the rather impressive Alternative In House Technology Summit in Windsor. Not only were the delegates and sponsors alike engaging and enthusiastic, but I even managed to (potentially inaccurately) jot down some particularly powerful quotes from the speakers. Given they may well be inaccurate, I won’t be attributing them for fear of doing their owners an injustice!

Check them out below.

"Do change with people, not to people."

"What my boss finds interesting, I find fascinating!"

"Know your stakeholders."

"We should not roll our eyes when we hear ‘innovation’ and ‘collaboration’."

"It was tested, and it did work."

A lot of the sentiments above come up again and again when trying to get legal operations to embrace technology. One really stuck with me and is something that rings particularly true. "Everyone wants to be part of success".

Difficulties in tech roll-out within your firm?

Hiccups in getting new processes up and running regularly frustrate progress. They tend to frame the mindset of entire teams and departments in relation to these new processes. "Change is a people issue, not a technology issue" and getting the people element right is often the hardest part. We regularly have conversations with legal departments that have failed not in selecting the right technology but in the rollout process. After all, "Technology does not matter if people don’t end up using it".

The success stories we heard over the course of the event were examples of where these hiccups were managed, avoided or overcome. But these are not the horror stories that we so often hear, where well laid plans are scuppered by unforeseen difficulties setting the internal mood.

Roundtable series

We are looking into a knowledge sharing roundtable series where we can discuss some of these key issues, and how they fit into the careful construction of a business case for internal use and stakeholder management. If you are interested please send me a message.