In our last post we identified some key takeaways from our market research project on the multi-jurisdictional content product we're building here at Clifford Chance Applied Solutions. The major lesson is that our network is a brilliant source of inspiration and practical suggestions about the types of legaltech solutions that work (and, more importantly, don't) and that, like us, lots of in-house legal, compliance and treasury teams love to talk tech.

Our conversations have been an incredibly insightful way to understand and prioritise the needs of end users – an essential ingredient in validating that we're making a product that works for the customer on a day to day level.

It starts with you! If you like the sound of helping us define our future products, have a vision for how legaltech could help make your team more efficient, an area of law that you just know could be simplified by technology or simply want to see if you can break one of our prototypes, get in touch with us here, it would be great to continue the conversation.