Following the success of our previous internship scheme (read about it here), we were pleased to recently have Gus Neate join us. Gus is a future trainee with Clifford Chance LLP and used this opportunity with us to further develop his skills and gain an insight into how we develop legal tech. We recently caught up with him to ask about his experience over the past 6 weeks.

What are your day to day tasks and responsibilities? 

My work has been split between CCAS's product and commercial teams. On the product side, I created and delivered a presentation which evaluated and compared product management softwares Aha!, Jira and Azure DevOps. These are widely used in software development to prioritise features, track progress and set products' vision and roadmaps. I've also been very hands on with all four products including managing content and regulatory updates as well as getting acquainted with the back office of the no code platforms used to build the products. Lastly, I was involved in strategic competitor and market research.

With the commercial team, I've been able to support the software sales process including generating lead lists, understanding products' go to market strategy and the importance of alignment with strategic initiatives. I was able to learn about the production and distribution strategy for written and video content through meetings with Crafty Counsel and The Lawyer. I saw the team's focus on creating useful content that aligns closely with customers' interests and pain points.

What was the culture like in CCAS?

CCAS has a very friendly culture and a flat hierarchy. The team dedicate a lot of their time to sharing their experience. There was a clear effort to align the work I was given with my existing experience as well as personal growth objectives. The culture is collaborative and inclusive. CCAS is a crucial part to the Innovation & Best Delivery strategy at Clifford Chance, as such, the culture includes the opportunity to use tools that are more commonly used by technologists than lawyers.

What has been the highlight of your internship?

On the work side, I've loved being able to able to contribute to both the commercial and more technical product elements to the tools CCAS is building. As luck would have it, my internship also coincided with the Christmas party and office secret Santa which were both great fun.

One thing to take away from your experience?

When moving over to CC as trainee, I'm looking forward to being a CCAS champion within the firm. CCAS is only a year old and I'm really pleased to have been involved at such an early stage. It's been awesome to learn about the products that are already in the market as well as find out what's on the roadmap - there are some very exciting new solutions coming in 2020.