Recently our CEO Jeroen Plink was interviewed by Bob Ambrogi on the LawNext podcast, about innovation and the legaltech space. During this podcast, Jeroen speaks about the mission and product development process at Clifford Chance Applied Solutions, how law firms are now becoming more client focussed, providing practical guidance to lawyers, how he sees the legal technology environment developing and the techstack of the future.

"… is very much about the content and knowhow, with technology used as a vessel and not the aspect that really matters. All technology needs content to make it really valuable."

"Building products in isolation just doesn’t work… I would much rather clients break a product in development than after they have paid for a license"

"For me the people are more important than the product… you can have a terrific product but if you have wrong people or the wrong processes there's no way you can sell it"

"If the economy keeps going as it is, there will continue to be a big investment cycle in legaltech. If it turns for the worse, then I think that investment cycles will go down quite significantly."

 "The interesting thing is that even though we've spoken a lot about innovation, the tech stack for most law firms is still the same as it was 20 years ago."

Listen to the full podcast here