Yesterday, I wrote about factors impacting adoption of legal tech and made the point that a roll-out plan is critical. The magnificent Jean O'Grady took that point to the next level in this post by sharing a large number of best practices to drive adoption. 

Most of Jean's suggestions are in control of the business professionals typically responsible for roll-out. For the developers of applications: 

  • solve the need of your users. Don't be the hammer looking for a nail. 
  • design your applications with the user in mind. 
  • collaborate with the buyer. They have as much of an interest in a successful roll-out as you do.
  • avoid the temptation to sell without a proper roll-out plan, agreed check in points, benchmarks for usage etc. Not having this in place will hurt when it comes to renewal.
  • did I mention proper design?

An insightful post from Jean, as always.  As former CEO of Practical Law US, I obviously have to disagree with the comment about Practical Law. It is always best to mention Practical Law 😊