With more law firms talking more about "What" they need to be doing to more efficiently deliver services to clients; should they also be asking themselves "How"? Dan Kayne, General Counsel-Routes Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd, believes they should and shared his reasoning at The Lawyer In-house Counsel as Business Partner conference on Tuesday morning during his keynote presentation, The O Shaped Lawyer of the Future.

Practicing the law today is traditional and old fashion. While General Counsels are at the highest in their profession, they are at the lowest on the chart of "smarts and hearts". More and more, they encounter challenges with new players, sophisticated buyers, tech & operations and from society.

In this extent, how to operate a change? Dan Kayne answered : "We start recognizing the value of the people who are the future leaderships, developing the next generation of lawyers."

The new generation of lawyers should be driven toward an O shape profile, which Dan defined as having both depth and breadth and an open mindset (contrary of the modern fixed mindset). And it starts from the law school. From this point, the future lawyer will get out and create opportunities, begin to take ownership, and will be part of the decision making process. This O shape generation will be the industry leaders for many years and will bring with them a new approach.

A refreshing talk and uplifting idea, which we are looking forward to witness and be put into action. "Nurture the talent, change the game".