Reflecting on the The Lawyer's In-House Counsel as a Business Partner conference i attended this week, I really enjoyed the "3 pieces of advice" series in which the speakers give their advice for in-house counsel. Catie Sheret, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Cambridge University Press, was one of the speakers I found particularly inspiring. 

1) Set a purpose

The first piece of advice Catie shared is to have a purpose statement which fits with what drives us. For Catie, a love of learning is what makes her feel fulfilled, and what brought her to her role and responsibilities today. "Find your purpose and don't overthink it".

2) Mentoring, get involved!

To be a mentor or a mentee is "incredibly useful". It helps improve our communication skills and get better at what we do. In particular, it has a great impact on listening skills and asking the right questions.

3) Be brave…

To build confidence. With a busy personal / professional life, it can be difficult to find the right balance between work and time for ourselves. Catie has dedicated herself to roller derby, a sport which involves risk and teamwork and great fun. She said "Get out of comfort to change your outlook on things".

Thank you Catie, it was very inspiring with a great touch of uniqueness.