As Jeroen Plink and I prepare for a Clifford Chance Applied Solutions trip to Singapore and Hong Kong I have found myself in a 'Google hole' of legaltech activity in Asia. Key themes I am hoping to explore further IRL include:

  • Which country's in house teams have greater adoption of legaltech? Both countries come up time and time again as being at the forefront of legal technology, with Singapore seemingly leading the pack in terms of creation. But who is this being sold to? And do Singapore and Hong Kong in-house teams prefer 'home grown' tech?
  • How are both countries approaching open source legaltech development. According to this article it's gaining momentum. It's clear that Singapore in particular is embracing a collaborative approach but not necessarily including opensource development. Will in-house teams (or more importantly their colleagues in information security) trust open source legal tech?
  • Do in house teams face the same challenges and need the same types of solutions as their colleagues in other countries, or should legaltech creators take a much more nuanced approach? My working assumption is with a vast array of language and timezone requirements in one continent, and potentially fragmented incumbent systems across countries, flexibility is a key requirement.

If you're based in Singapore or Hong Kong and would like to meet whilst we are over (14 - 18 October) please drop me an email on 

I will report back if I find any of the answers!