In the wise words of Taylor Swift, "All I know since yesterday is everything has changed". That's certainly the case for legal services. 

Knowing why there might be pressure to change and understanding the status quo is often the best place to start when planning for, or managing, purposeful and productive business change. 

Jeroen Plink, CEO of Clifford Chance Applied Solutions, succinctly discusses the key drivers for change in the Above The Law interview linked below. He cites these as client demand, competitive pressure and technology. 

So how can law firms and in-house legal teams take advantage of these drivers? 

Ensure you have a diverse range of experts to call on easily. Depending on your change project, you will need experts in the law, change management, continuous improvement, technology, systems and processes. Sometimes this will mean working with external vendors, but often you will already have experts within your organisation so seek them out and build relationships.  Regardless of whether they are internal or external, it is important that they understand your needs and that you enjoy working with them. The most important ingredient is communication. Without that, nothing can be achieved.