Eco-friendly, sustainable, green - all words that are becoming common parlance as climate change hits the mainstream.

What has this got to do with a legal technology company?! Aside from the points put forward in our AI takes on climate change blog post, climate change impacts everyone, regardless of who you are and where you might work.

Clifford Chance is making great progress in its environmental impact and Applied Solutions benefit from this as we share the same offices, however, there is still more that individuals can do. 

At our away-day this year I will be putting forward a suggested Applied Solutions Sustainability Charter for consideration. The idea is that as a company, Clifford Chance Applied Solutions takes steps to become greener. This includes the everyday actions of its employees.

My hope is by agreeing the steps we will take together, it will make change easier and unify us with a common purpose (aside from creating great products of course!).

I would love to hear from those who have agreed similar steps for their workplace so we can share ideas and learn from each other. Answers on a postcard (or email; it's greener.....) to

My starter for ten is below. These are all aimed at office behavior but hopefully they will rub off at home too.

  1. Don't print unless really necessary and if so make it double sided - aim for a paperless office.
  2. Turn off lights and tech.
  3. Challenge whether you really need to travel to a meeting or can do this virtually.
  4. Increase the amount of plants in the office.
  5. Use reusable coffee cups instead of paper cups.
  6. Reduce flights. Where you really need to fly then make the most of your trip.
  7. Don't use plastic cutlery, bags or water bottles.
  8. Try walking or cycling to the office if feasible.
  9. Don't buy office supplies unless really needed and if so make them environmentally friendly. 
  10. Reduce the amount of marketing and sales brochures. Aim to eliminate and replace with tech solutions.