Clifford Chance Applied Solutions (CCAS) offers a 6 week internship to future Clifford Chance trainees. The scheme has been a great way for future trainees to develop relevant skills and gain an insight into legal tech. Here we speak to the interns and ask them about their experience over the six weeks.

What are your day to day tasks and responsibilities? 

Hayley Kwan, Product management intern:

As a Product Manager, a lot of my work is checking in with different stakeholders via phone and video calls on their progress against the plans we have. I try to identify potential design or technical problems and resolve them ahead of time so that development can progress with fewer roadblocks. Documentation is important so I also create timelines, weekly reports, diagrams etc to share across the team. When CCAS makes a decision internally about the Product, I email to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Ellen Kerslake, Sales and marketing intern:

Day-to-day, I'm often found writing blog posts, creating infographics, doing research tasks and attending sales and marketing meetings.

Kelly Li, Product management intern:

My role as a product management intern is to plan and coordinate the work between different teams in developing a new online legal resources platform for clients. This involves a variety of tasks from working with the UI expert on front-end design, tracking progress of developers, doing competitor research, working with the editorial manager on legal content, as well as the more routine tasks of reporting and setting up calls and meetings with various stakeholders.

What was the culture like in CCAS?

HK: The culture in CCAS is quite relaxed even though everyone is busy. I was pleasantly surprised in the first few weeks of the internship. The senior team are great to work with, and they would always find time to sit down and chat when we ask.

EK: CCAS is a relatively small team, and everybody is very friendly. The culture is therefore busy, with everyone having a lot of responsibility, but relaxed, which makes it a really enjoyable place to work.

KL: The atmosphere at CCAS is very laid-back atmosphere but the work is fast-paced. Everyone is really supportive and encouraging and the culture itself is open and collaborative.

Team Lunch outside the office

What has been the highlight of your internship? 

HK: Promoting the Product we are working on to a Partner in Capital Markets in her office was a definite highlight. I was treated as a full-time employee in the team and got the chance to meet the Partner in her office to talk about how CCAS and her can work together to make the Product a successful one.

EK: Aside from enjoying getting to know everyone in the team, my highlight has definitely been attending team meetings where new CCAS products are explained to the group, and being able to freely ask questions and truly understand the business need for the products.

KL: The team curry night in Canary Wharf was a real highlight and a great opportunity to socialise with the CCAS team outside of the office. Additionally attending a networking event at Barclays legaltech incubator- EagleLabs and a legal technology demo day hosted at CC, were also great experiences. 

Team dinner at Chai Ki

 One thing to take away from your experience?

HK: It is incredibly important to take notes and be organised. There are a lot of emails and new information shared across different channels every day. It is up to you to keep on top of the work.

EK: I've learned so much about sales and marketing, but I've really appreciated getting introduced to the legal tech market. I'm sure this will be very important for my future career at Clifford Chance.

KL: Although I knew of CCAS prior to applying for this internship, I never fully understood how it fit into the bigger CC strategy. One valuable insight I gained is the relationship between CCAS and CC LLP, and a fuller understanding of how the different elements of CC's Innovation & Best Delivery strategy fit together. As a future trainee, the experience of CCAS helps me to see the opportunities I have to be involved in innovation and technology as a lawyer.