A recent study has shown that a number of words relating to nature (such as tweet, web and cloud) are now predominantly used to describe technology.  Tech has become a major part of society and the continuing growth of the sector ensures that new terms will arise. To keep up to date with tech jargon we will be bringing you 5 key tech terms each month. Here are our first five terms:




The way a thing looks (such as an icon or button) which intuitively implies how a user should interact with it. Affordances help direct visual design decisions for features such as buttons, icons and dashboards.

Data Mining

The practice of automatically searching large stores of data to discover patterns and trends that go beyond simple analysis.

Machine Learning

A system that teaches software what the user wants it to do. It improves at the task as it is guided and given more examples.

Predictive analytics

Advanced data analytics that uses techniques including statistics, predictive modelling, machine learning and data mining to analyse data in order to make predictions about the future.

Rules-based systems

Most rules-based systems are logic trees that a user can interact with via a Q&A interface.