While you may be aware of CCDr@ft as a Document Automation Solution, you may not know of some of its other features, which can really enhance your end to end document production. These include:

  • Multilingual documents: your documents can be automated in any language, some are even supported natively for things such as digits to words or dates.
  • Database integrations: you can choose to integrate any SQL, SharePoint and OData tables into your questionnaire, in order to reduce end-user error and time spent on the online form.
  • Companies House search: integrate with Companies House directly in order to gather the latest information on the parties you are working with.
  • Approval workflows: pre-defined parameters, when triggered, can start up chains of approval workflows in order for the document and answers to be checked before the final document is signed off. A history of these is kept within the system for audit purposes.
  • eSignature integrations: DocuSign and AdobeSign can both be used in conjunction with CCDr@ft, all the while keeping all versions of your document in the same place.
  • Document Alerts: with CCDr@ft you can set up specific document notifications and receive a reminder before they occur, for example, if a contract is set to be terminated or has to be renewed on a certain date you will receive a notification before for you to action - all based on generated document data.

Finally, note that not all automated documents need to be a contract! The use of calculations within the system can also mean some different use cases, such as compliance guidance tools and risk calculators.

Find out more on which documents can be automated here.