Choosing a document automation solution can be a challenge in itself. The number of offerings out there has significantly increased over the last few years.

With that in mind, not all solutions are created equal. Here are five features your solution needs if you want your content to work for you:

  • Repeats/Loops: you want users to have the ability to add multiple parties, without the number being hard coded in the template. This significantly reduces time spent on the automation itself, as well as providing a very flexible interview experience.
  • Word styles and cross-references: your solution should be able to preserve the look and feel of your documentation, and automatically update things such as cross-references and tables of content.
  • Tables and calculations: inevitably you will need to automate a table within Word, and your document output needs to automatically include the right amount of rows, along with any calculated data.
  • Integrations: the best tools out there will integrate with others, such as your Document Management System, eSignature providers or Companies House Search.
  • Outputs: users may not all have the same level of permission to draft documents, as such, it is important that you can segregate whether they have access to Word or PDF files.

Other important things to consider might be the conversion of digits to words (in multiple languages), the ability to generate multiple documents at once via spreadsheet upload, or approval workflows. 


Find out more on how our document automation solution, CC Dr@ft can help you or request a demo from our team to see for yourself how it works in practice.